IoT Consulting is Growing in Importance

  • Tomasz Stępiński-Ustasiak
  • 25 October 2020
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Gartner predicts there will be 43 billion network-interconnected devices worldwide by 2023. We can expect that there may even be more of them, because the Internet of Things is one of those trends that are developing at an unprecedented pace, whether in the consumer, business or industrial market.

Today, there is no sector of the economy that could not make use, at least in part, of solutions based on the Internet of Things, from the automotive business, through various industry branches, to transport, medicine, education and even public administration. This only shows how much technology and digitisation are changing the world we live in. In order to remain competitive, and especially in the difficult times we are currently experiencing, enterprises should seek and implement solutions that will help to:

  • optimise existing processes
  • optimise operating costs
  • generate more income
  • analyse future demand for the services / products offered

In fact, there is no business, and especially no CEO, that would not like to implement the above points as soon as possible. A problem arises, however, when the question “whether (to implement)” turns into “how (to implement)”.

IoT Consultants Wanted by Large Enterprises

Technology consulting has proved to work very well in insurance, banking and most recently in the retail sector, especially in the business of ​shopping malls. However, the pandemic has shown that technologies can change areas that have so far avoided implementing new solutions.

Take, for instance, health care facilities, which used to regard online consultations, or any tools enabling remote work, as an unnecessary obligation. That said, it should be remembered that tools themselves are one thing, but it is only the analytics resulting from the processes performed that enable the operational activity to be optimised and revenues to be increased.

And here we come to the heart of the matter. Typically, those responsible for IT / technological processes at enterprises and other entities (manufacturing plants, health care facilities, transport entities, retail chains, schools, kindergartens and many others) are excellent specialists in the field of network maintenance and security, but do not always have a sufficiently thorough insight into the market to be able to pinpoint the technological solutions that could facilitate the business conducted by the firm. And this is hardly surprising, because here you need skills that are at the interface between expertise in technologies, business, marketing and sales. Therefore, there is a growing demand for external IoT consultants, who usually combine all these features in their dedicated teams working on projects at clients’ sites – irrespective of whether the objective is to implement intelligent lighting in a production hall, or to launch and find the right sales channel for smart cameras or other devices aimed at the consumer market.

Allow Yourself an IoT Audit

If you think that there are areas in your business that can be automated, but do not know how to do it, or would like to replace repetitive human work with technologies, or launch new devices / technological solutions on the market, but are not sure whether the market will accept them, then we can conduct an IoT audit at your firm.

We will look at the existing processes and your business model, and then propose changes based on available technologies, enabling a digital transformation of your enterprise. Of course, our role does not end there, as we will comprehensively implement the projects we recommend, starting with a search for the best suppliers,   and concluding with the training of your employees in the newly implemented analytical and operational processes.

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