“Go to Market” strategies for the IoT, Telco, Consumer Electronics, and Retail Tech industries

We introduce ICT, IoT and Consumer Electronics companies to the Polish market

Reports, analyses, forecasts and risk assessment of the Polish IoT and Telco markets

We teach you how to talk to regulators and legislators

We implement IoT, ICT and Mobile Apps projects

Implementation and consultancy service in the areas of Telecommunications / Internet of Things / Consumer Electronics

Digital transformation based on the Internet of Things is a matter of “to be or not to be” in business today. We help implement IoT solutions, advise on how to do it effectively, and forecast benefits, market changes and returns on investment.

Based on our extensive, long-term experience in the fields of Telecommunications, ICT and IoT, we are able to offer effective solutions which will increase your business’s competitive edge on the market. Only enterprises that have successfully undergone a systematic digital transformation in their structures are capable of achieving prosperity both today and in the future

Our Solutions

Market access IoT / ICT (B2B, B2C)

Consultancy service for enterprises seeking market entry or launching new products and services on the Polish IoT or ICT markets. We advise on legal aspects as well as marketing communication, and help in finding business partners or creating direct and indirect sales channels.

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Tech-expansion to European Markets

We help Polish enterprises roll out their products on European markets. We assess opportunities, estimate the market, search for business partners, and provide legal support.

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Design and Implementation of IoT Solutions

We help in the digital transformation of enterprises. We adjust existing processes to ones that use data analyses generated from the Internet of Things devices implemented. We plan long-term strategies for companies’ IoT-based operations, and advise on the selection of suppliers and technological solutions. We conduct comprehensive IoT projects for the client.

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Design and Implementation of B2B and B2C Mobile Applications

Today, mobile applications are used by everyone - from banks, through energy suppliers and retailers, to discount chains and hypermarkets. We design and implement mobile solutions, many of them compatible with IoT devices, and collect data on user preferences and behavior.

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MDM (Mobile Device Management)

Managing mobile devices in enterprises is now even more important than managing desktop computers. We help implement MDM solutions and ensure the security of the data stored on them, or to which they have access.

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Technological Scouting

We are constantly monitoring young technology projects in Poland and Europe, evaluating their market potential and feasibility of commercialisation, and connecting them with the right business environment for them.

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Telecommunications Consulting

Advice on telecommunications regulations for enterprises entering either the Polish or European market. Preparation of reports assessing enterprises’ market potential against the background of existing and future trends. Advice on obtaining the necessary licences or permits, both in Poland and in foreign markets.

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Our Experience

We have worked with the largest technology entities in Poland for over 10 years and implemented many projects that are successfully operating on the market today, advising on and effecting solutions in the fields of ICT and IoT.

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