Market access IoT / ICT (B2B, B2C)

Consultancy service for enterprises seeking market entry or launching new products and services on the Polish IoT or ICT markets. We advise on legal aspects as well as marketing communication, and help in finding business partners or creating direct and indirect sales channels.

More and more enterprises offer their services based on IoT solutions. Indeed, Poland is becoming an attractive and absorbent market in both the consumer and business segments. We advise enterprises (both non-Polish and Polish) which seek support on how to successfully launch a product on the Polish market and then sell it profitably.

We assess project risk and feasibility, forecast short- and long-term revenues , and help create a sales and distribution network, including large business partners. We specialise in both the business and consumer electronics markets, the latter being still very attractive and full of potential, mainly due to the low degree of saturation and consumption of consumer IoT products.

We provide support and advice on the legal aspects and regulations necessary for the proper market functioning of the solutions offered.

The services we offer are aimed at manufacturers, distributors or even start-ups that come up with interesting products, but need help in commercialising them.