Technological Scouting

We are constantly monitoring young technology projects in Poland and Europe, evaluating their market potential and feasibility of commercialisation, and connecting them with the right business environment for them.

Scouting, or technological brokering, is a fairly new field in the technological market. Nonetheless, more and more large entities are now conducting their own projects with the aim of acquiring and accelerating start-ups, whose solutions may then be implemented in the acquiring organisations.

For example, technological scouting is particularly valuable to telecommunications carriers, which attach increasing importance to “external” solutions that could be included in the services they offer to customers.

The situation is very similar in the financial and insurance markets. Banks and insurers are constantly looking for technological solutions which make their services more attractive, mainly by way of implementing complementary technological solutions.

Gawinet, thanks to its excellent orientation in the domestic and European IoT markets, specialises in technological scouting. We look for enterprises, not only start-ups, whose solutions may be an attractive complement to the services offered by the largest players on the market (telecoms, banks, insurers, medical entities, energy suppliers, fuel concerns, automotive businesses).