Design and Implementation of B2B and B2C Mobile Applications

Today, mobile applications are used by everyone – from banks, through energy suppliers and retailers, to discount chains and hypermarkets. We design and implement mobile solutions, many of them compatible with IoT devices, and collect data on user preferences and behavior.

Although mobile applications have been present on our market for many years, they are still the proverbial Achilles heel of a number of solutions aimed at either the consumer or business markets. Moreover, we know from experience that very often mobile applications targeted at the business and industrial markets, intended to  collect data from IoT devices and ultimately optimise processes on the client’s side, are poorly designed from the very beginning, not to mention issues related to their usability and, consequently, user experience.

At Gawinet, we take care of all this at the stage of designing solutions for mobile devices. We are simply IoT Ready and this motto guides us on almost every project we undertake. We do not deliver solutions that, in the first place, do not meet our internal standards.

We have developers in both iOS and Android, who specialise in integration with Internet of Things platforms, as well as internal ERP or CRM systems. In the case of extensive projects, we collaborate with experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, or prediction and analysis of big data sets.