Telecommunications Consulting

Advice on telecommunications regulations for enterprises entering either the Polish or European market. Preparation of reports assessing enterprises’ market potential against the background of existing and future trends. Advice on obtaining the necessary licences or permits, both in Poland and in foreign markets.

Telecommunications consulting is a very narrow and at the same time difficult specialisation. Difficult, because there are not many entities on the Polish market which are sufficiently familiar with the specifics of the Polish and European telecommunications markets. And the domestic telco market is closely related to the EU market.

We cater for entities operating on the Polish telecommunications market as well as those which see their interests in the territory of the European Union.

We specialise in policy analysis and advocacy, i.e. we analyse the formal and regulatory considerations related to the implementation of new products and services, including ongoing monitoring of changes that may affect the product or investment strategy. We identify key decision makers and recommend actions targeted at them.

We conduct advocacy campaigns – we prepare strategies for presenting the enterprise’s point of view to decision-makers (regulators, employers, industry chambers, associations, international organizations, NGOs), and building lasting relationships with them. We map stakeholders and plan activities specifically for each group.

As part of advocacy campaigns, we develop promotional and information materials (presentations, multimedia materials, event speeches), and deal with the mapping of important events in and outside Europe. We prepare a plan for this type of campaign and supervise its implementation.