Design and Implementation of IoT Solutions

We help in the digital transformation of enterprises. We adjust existing processes to ones that use data analyses generated from the Internet of Things devices implemented. We plan long-term strategies for companies’ IoT-based operations, and advise on the selection of suppliers and technological solutions. We conduct comprehensive IoT projects for the client.

The market competitiveness of enterprises is increasingly determined by their ability to automate all internal processes, which translates into cost optimisation and thus profitability. Take the use of smart meters by electricity suppliers, which makes remote electricity readings possible, or solutions enabling remote reading of noise levels.

These are just examples of how businesses can reduce personnel costs while increasing operational efficiency. There are many more applications of this type, ranging from intelligent lighting in offices and factories, through telematics in car fleets, to IoT-based solutions for large-format stores and retail chains.

It seems there is no industry today whose internal processes could not be improved by the application of technology. The larger the company, the more needs there are.

We audit existing activities and then propose changes based on the implementation of IoT processes, which will further translate into increased profitability.