Tech-expansion to European Markets

We help Polish enterprises roll out their products on European markets. We assess opportunities, estimate the market, search for business partners, and provide legal support.

More and more Polish companies offer their technological solutions with a view to scaling them to the European market. We help find the right business partners in Europe, adapt procedures to the relevant legal regulations, and provide the networking necessary for firms to enter foreign markets successfully.

Nowadays, even a great product is not in itself enough to guarantee success. It is vital to have a thorough knowledge of the market – whether in or outside Poland – and to analyse the competition and business opportunities. Thanks to our network of contacts and collaborators all over Europe, we are able to effectively plan and help in technological expansion into selected markets.

Very often, success in a given market is determined not only by the attributes of the solution or product offered, but by the choice of business partner to help launch and commercialise it, and, even more significantly, by the terms and conditions of such cooperation. We attach the greatest importance to this, aware as we are that unfavorable business contracts, even with large sales volume, do not provide satisfactory profits to the suppliers of even very attractive solutions.