MDM (Mobile Device Management)

Managing mobile devices in enterprises is now even more important than managing desktop computers. We help implement MDM solutions and ensure the security of the data stored on them, or to which they have access.

A serious problem for Polish enterprises is that the implementation of MDM solutions is still at a very low level. Company phones or tablets, especially used by lower-rank employees, are very often the target of hacking attacks intended to paralyse the firm, intercept data or extort a ransom. These are just the most publicised cases. Just as often, employees themselves unknowingly download malware or unintentionally share sensitive data.

Moreover, especially now – amid the pandemic, when many employees, not only mobile ones, are working remotely – knowledge of how and when to use mobile devices is particularly useful for optimising sales and operational processes, and thus maintaining profitability in these difficult times. MDM solutions make all of this  possible.

Gawinet is an expert in this area, and not only will we select the best solution for you from the array of those available on the market, but we will also help you implement it – by training your employees, the people responsible for security and those in charge of managing individual teams.

A well-implemented MDM programme increases employees’ productivity, which in turn translates into a rise in operating profit.