CDN (Content Delivery Network) audit and consulting services for TV broadcasters and media companies

  • Tomasz Stępiński-Ustasiak
  • 28 February 2022
  • News

Nowadays, when more and more people consume media via mobile devices, and content is most often viewed via VOD, the value and quality of content are of particular importance.

How to analyze it? The answer is the CDN ( Content Delivery Network) audit service for TV broadcasters and related companies. As a result of the audit, the media company receives a final report containing an analysis of data, the offers, tools, and solutions used, as well as a package of recommendations, the implementation of which will increase viewership.

In such a dynamically changing world of the media, it is even crucial to have your policy regarding both CDN traffic management and the method of implementation and use of such solutions. Therefore, the CDN audit service that has appeared in Gawinet’s offer is a response to the current needs of both the largest and local TV stations.

How is the CDN audit service performed?

Gawinet experts first thoroughly analyze the current situation of the TV station to present the results and present recommendations for improvements. Depending on the size of the station, its needs, and the current situation, the audit may take from one to three months. However, this period may be extended with the increasing complexity of the method of obtaining data necessary to conduct an audit.

Excellent knowledge of both the local and global market of CDN suppliers, allows Gawinet consultants, as one of the few on the Polish market, to recommend the most optimal, available solutions.

Although the largest broadcasters in Poland, both OTT, and VOD, already use CDN systems, this does not mean, however, that they are the most optimal solutions tailored to their capabilities and offer, and above all, needs. It is worth remembering that a good choice of CDN, building an appropriate architecture and policy of using this technology, has a real impact on increasing the number of recipients of the services offered, and, as a result, on the profitability of the sender.

Even though the CDN audit is a new item in the offer of Gawinet, we have already completed the first projects in this area, implemented for a key broadcaster in Poland.

There is a very narrow specialization of consultants with the desired competencies in this field on the market. We observe a limited number of implementations and modifications, precisely due to the lack of competence in this area widely available on the market. Gawinet solves these problems.

We invite both OTT and VOD TV stations and broadcasters, both from our country and from abroad, to cooperate in this area.

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