Gawinet is looking for a distributor and business partners for Sonitus Systems (IoT, Smart City)

  • Tomasz Stępiński-Ustasiak
  • 27 October 2020
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Internet of Things / smart city solutions are entering the Polish market, for example for remote noise monitoring. This is particularly important because, according to European Union directives, noise pollution is as harmful as air pollution.

It is only a matter of time before regular noise measurements are taken in Polish cities and towns, and not only in urban streets, but also in shops, shopping malls and other commercial investments. This is required by both EU law regulations and laws adopted by the Polish Ministry of Natural Environment, but also results from the increasing public concern for the environment we live in.

The solutions of the Irish company Sonitus Systems, which are being introduced by Gawinet to the Polish market, provide the answer to these needs of cities, local governments and investors. Remote noise monitoring is especially important now, firstly because more and more enterprises are switching to remote work, and secondly because it is an element of smart cities, in which an ever increasing number of local governments are becoming interested.

Simple and Automated Noise Monitoring

Sonitus Systems produces IoT devices for noise monitoring, and offers dedicated software supporting measurements and their analysis.

Sonitus Systems optimises and simplifies noise measurement by offering solutions that can be used on both short- and long-term projects. This means that, through the use of the Internet of Things, the human factor – i.e. measurements taken by people – is minimised for the sake of full automation and the use of dedicated devices. Thanks to automation, a noise monitoring service provider may significantly reduce its operating costs and run several projects simultaneously, without deploying substantial human resources.

Sonitus Systems’ offering is suitable for both small commercial investments and as part of extensive intelligent networks that monitor processes in large cities. In Ireland, they are popular with local governments and environmental protection specialists, who are embracing the opportunities offered by the Internet of Things in their daily work.

Remote Noise Monitoring – a Promising Market

Noise monitoring is a dynamically developing sector. According to the forecasts of the analytical company Technavio, this market is expected to reach a value of 527 million dollars within the next four years (2020-2024). Moreover, the current situation related to the coronavirus pandemic is conducive to its growth, especially in the context of the demand for remote solutions. This is due to the need for cost optimisation, as well as the desire to automate various human-operated processes, thus enabling noise levels to be monitored remotely in real time using a smartphone or tablet.

Gawinet is looking for business partners and a distributor for Sonitus Systems

Gawinet is a Polish company specializing in IoT consulting. Among its activities are introducing foreign suppliers to the Polish market, and, on the other hand, helping Polish technology enterprises enter foreign markets.

In response to the dynamically growing market for remote noise monitoring, Gawinet has entered into cooperation with the Irish supplier of solutions in this  area, Sonitus Systems. The company is looking for business partners and a distributor for the solution offered.

Interested entities are invited to contact:


Tomasz Stępiński-Ustasiak

tel: 501 201 331


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