Tech scouting for your business

  • Tomasz Stępiński-Ustasiak
  • 25 March 2022
  • News

In today’s fast-changing tech market, there’s no way to always stay on top of newest tech trends that are coming out all the time. This is why, more and more companies resort to tech scouting offered by external providers like Gawinet.

Want to expand your services portfolio to include new solutions, or looking for a potential partner to provide you with the technology to support your solution? Or maybe you’d like to invest in the market, but don’t know which start-up or project is worth putting your money into? If the answer is YES to any of these questions, then you need tech scouting.

Tech scouting, also called tech brokerage, is a relatively new avenue that’s currently experiencing unprecedented growth. This is driven by the fact that every week there’s fresh tech news coming out and even the largest corporations don’t have sufficiently solid scouting units they can dedicate to market monitoring with the goal of identifying new, complementary tech approaches to potentially benefit their core businesses.

While not everyone will admit it, it’s also worth noting that the race is on to invest in compelling and promising tech projects, with investment funds, large players like banks, telecoms, retail chains and large pharma companies lining up to put their money in the next big thing. The pool of investment money is growing, but the range of compelling projects is drying up. While the tech market doesn’t suffer from a technology deficit, there’s definitely a shortage of expertise as to where to look for them. This is where Gawinet and tech scouting comes in.

For years we’ve been studying various tech market sectors, from telecommunications, through IoT, AI or machine learning, to blockchain. In that time we’ve learned a lot about corporate or investor needs and the needs on the side of tech providers.

Who is tech scouting right for?

Who is Gawinet’s tech scouting right for? It’s right for large businesses and startups that need money and market access for their products and services. By partnering with Gawinet, your solutions will be audited and analyzed to provide you with an investment or implementation proposal.

Then there are private investors, large companies and corporations. To address your needs we run a market analysis to identify projects worth investing in at the different stages of their development. With this approach you get an overview of businesses with minimal time and resources invested into market analysis and limited investment risk too.

Finally, tech scouting is for companies looking to upgrade their processes and approaches. As part of these kinds of jobs, we identify businesses with offers that are perfectly suited to our Clients’ needs. Fast integration, consultancy services at every stage, assistance with market launching – these are just some of the things we do.

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