Gawinet is looking for a distributor and business partners for Sonitus Systems (IoT, Smart City)
Internet of Things / smart city solutions are entering the Polish market, for example for remote noise monitoring. This is particularly important because, according to European Union directives, noise pollution is as harmful as air pollution.
This is the main reason why the Internet of Things is developing so slowly in Poland
There are more and more IoT-based devices appearing every year. IoT Analytics reports that by the year 2025 there will be over 21 billion of them networked. Looking globally, that's a lot. However, it does not look so rosy on the Polish market.
IoT Consulting is Growing in Importance
Gartner predicts there will be 43 billion network-interconnected devices worldwide by 2023. We can expect that there may even be more of them, because the Internet of Things is one of those trends that are developing at an unprecedented pace, whether in the consumer, business or industrial market.